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Prescription Help

Direct Upload.

Direct upload takes you to our central system for managing orders.  Here you can choose which branch to order from, upload your prescription and interact directly with the selected branch. You will be notified by alerts on status updates for your order. This is ideal if you do not wish to use WhatsApp, if you like your prescription to be stored for future reference, request for re-fill reminders and if you prefer to interact with a preferred branch.

WhatsApp Upload.

Simply send us a photo of your prescription to us on +19306664112, the dedicated WhatsApp number to manage prescriptions. This is also connected to the central system, and you can chat with us to check availability and request an estimate.

Upload on Checkout.

This is recommended for patients who know their medications, for medical practitioners, and for pharmacies to place their orders online. Add your prescription medications to the cart along with any other items as needed. On checkout, you will be prompted to upload your prescription. You will be contacted by a pharmacist to confirm the order.

Doctors and pharmacies can order after logging on with their pre-approved account.

This option gives you added features such as checking product availability, price comparison with similar products, viewing product images, submit an inquiry and a convenient way to buy a mix of prescription medications and other items.